What To Eat When Dealing With Hangover

What To Eat When Dealing With Hangover
There’s nothing wrong from going to a nice party and letting yourself out occassionaly. Party means lots of booze. You can lose yourself and get yourself gulping down glasses of liquor. It won’t be a problem if you are free on the next day. However, it will be disastorous if you have to go to work on the next morning. The biggest problem would be keeping your head straight when you are suffering from strong hangover. The pounding headache that you have, seems to be a good reminder not to allows yourself to drink on the next days. However, there are some simple tips that you can practice to drink without any worries of getting hangover.
Food For Hangover Before Drinking
If you are invited to a party with days of reminder on the event, It gives you a chance to prepare your body in consuming liquor. At least, you can prepare yourself to tolerate alcohol on the liquor. You need to keep in mind that alcohol has stronger effect on empty stomach. Therefore, you must fill your stomach with some dinner. Or else, you will suffer from bad hangover on the next morning. In order to prevent you from getting hangover, you also need to be careful in chosing your diner. It’s recommended to have a complete meals with whole grains, eggs, and fresh vegetables. You can also have fish for your dinner. Let your stomach to process all these foods before you start drinking. If you don’t get the chance to have your full nutrition dinner, then you can have a handful of salty or spicy nuts followed with plenty of water. The purpose is actually to make you hydrated. Salty nuts will make you thirsty and then you will drink lots of water. If you are hydrated, you don’t need to worry of having awful hangover in the morning.
Food to Consume In The Morning
What if you already drank a lot last night and you start to feel the pounding headache kicks in? Well, of course eating those two things above won’t do any good to your hangover. You can use the old recipe of Japanese people. The Japanese are known for their heavy drinking habit at any day of the week, yet they are able to perform normally at the office on the next day. A bowl of warm miso soup in the morning is the secret. This soup can replace the liquid in your body. It keeps your body hydrated that will cast away the hangover effects immediately. It’s also easy to digest for your upset stomach. If you can find it, coconut water can also do a great help on you hangover. Only, it’s hard to find. It’s important to have a full course meal with lean protein such as chicken or lean meat, carbohydrate, and fresh vegetables. It’t time to have real food, instead of burger or pizza. Also, choose for savory food  as it can bring sodium back into your blood. Other advice, try to spend the day at your bed will do a big help.

Superstitions On Food

Superstitions On Food
It does sound weird and impossible, but there are some people who still keep their beliefs on food superstitions. ibcebet In fact, the number can be surprising. It’s true that food is strongly related to cultural beliefs, but there are some of food superstitions that don’t have any relation to those beliefs. It only makes the superstitions sound even more hideous, yet there are still people believing it. So, what are these superstitions? It can be surprising as you might be one of those people believing it.
Weirdest Things About Food To Believe
Despite it’s only fictional imagination, it seems like many people still fail to separate fiction from reality. It’s proven with popular belief that garlic can work as protection against vampire. It’s certainly ridiculous as vampire itself doesn’t exist. It’s only part of fictional creation of many authors from last centuries. Garlic won’t cast away vampire, nor bad luck. However, it can help to protect your from mild illness, such as fever or flu. Salt can cast away bad luck. It’s said that you’ll get bad luck if you spill salt. In order to send away bad luck, you must throw salt pass your left shoulder. So, what is the connection of salt and bad luck? Of course, throwing salt pass your shoulder won’t do any help unless you try on your own to be careful and solve your problems. If you cut open a whole load of bread and find air bubble hole, it means someone will die soon. Well, bread dough naturally creates air bubble in the process. So, it’s only natural to find hole inside it when it’s done. Will you randomly belief on such thing with not solid basis? There are several superstitions about tea. It’s said that you must not pour milk into your tea before putting sugar into your tea, or else you won’t get married. So, what if you want milk with no sugar on your tea? Will you remain single all your life?
Food Superstitions That People Do
It’s only superstition, but it has become tradition with people continuing do it. For example, you can see at wedding. After the ceremony, guests will throw rice to the new couple. It’s believed the rice brings good luck for the couple. Apples dip into honey is believed to bring good hope of the upcoming year, at leas it’s what the Jews belief. This delicacy becomes a part of Rosh Hashanah tradition and it symbolizes good luck for the next year. Putting onions on your windows may prevent you from getting bad luck. It may sound ridiculous and unrelated, but there are still people tie down onions into long array of onions and hang it down by the doors and windows. Celebrating birthday with cake and candles is coming from the ancient Greeks tradition. It’s said that the candles can cast away bad spirits from the birthday person. So, do you have any superstitions related to food? Or maybe, you do something from the list above?

New Food Adventure In The Current Food Trend

New Food Adventure In The Current Food Trend
It seems that there are a lot of things with a trend of its own, other than fashion. Even food has a trend of its own, don’t you agree? If you always go to the same diner and cook the same menu from time to time, you may have missed the latest food trend. It only takes a small glance to the tables around you to find out the latest food trend. It doesn’t take a lot of hard work to find what kind of food that people enjoy in their days. You certainly can find one in the public foodcourt or even in your office cafetaria. There should be someone bringing something from the most current food trend. You shouldn’t let yourself being left behind the trend. Make it as your culinary adventure of experiencing new tastes. Who knows it could be your next favorite meal.
Must Try Food Trend
Of course, you can stick to your favorite same old meals that you always have in your days, but a small change in life won’t harm you, right? So, what are the latest food trends that you must try? You don’t have to try all new kinds of food that you find in the market, but there are 4 top items that you should put into your to do list. There are several varieties on these 4 items, but basically it’s the same kind of food. The first one would be condiment mash-up. Your sandwiches won’t be perfect without a smear of tasty mayonnaise. Now, you have more choices on your spread mayonnaise. There are various flavours with a twist on the taste contained in the condiment. You can find lime-pickle mayonnaise from Empire Mayo that makes perfect companion for fish taco. There’s also sriracha mayo from Sir Kensington with complete taste and spiciness. You also need to try hummus as your taco dip. This Middle East style dip will be perfect for various fresh vegetables. This variation also can be found in jam as you can get various choices of jam combination. Other than new thing, something is making its comeback. Mint drink seems to be back on the list. After the refreshing and healthy infuse water, it seems that people still enjoy the fresh flavor of mint. You can try Victoria’s Kitchen’s almond water in mint and licorice. It’s inspired from the old family recipe rooted back from a French grandmother. It tastes sweet with a kick of refreshing mint. There’s also bubbly minty drink from Silk Road’s cucumber mint. Republic of Tea even has its own variant of gingermint green tea bags. High caffeine tea with unique taste of spearmint and peppermint.
Common Food With A Twist
You might think it ordinary, but it seems that eggs become a trend. You can find lots of food get combined with eggs. It gives a twist on the flavor and a kick on the nutrition. There are also various choices of eggs in the market for more healthier benefit. Also, put inside your bag some spiced candies. This new trend gives you choices of habanero-maple, honey-wasabi, and other unique combination of flavors into your palate. It will be an interesting adventure in a small package.

Spicy Food Brings Good Effect To The Health

Spicy Food Brings Good Effect To The Health
You can feel the spiciness burns your tongue. It gives burning sensation inside your mouth. You can even feel it down the throat. Despite the horrible description of the sensation, there are millions of people who would love to repeat the same sensation all over again. World’s addiction on chilli pepper seems to show larger number from time to time. When most people can’t stand the burning sensation of chilli pepper, the others seem to endulge the effects of capsaicin. Spicy food gives direct effect of increase on appetite, but it’s not the only thing that you can get from eating chilli pepper. Research shows that capsaicin has lots of other benefits that can improve your health, as long as chilli pepper is consumed at controlled amount.
Good Benefits of Spicy Food
If you spend your time to do a little research, you will find tons of information on the use of chilli and other spicy herbs as traditional medicine. It’s even used in Ayurvedic treatment. It certainly shows big benefit of the spicy taste of chilli pepper. The first benefit of consuming chilli pepper is its effect on your breathing. It can improve your respiratory system as it helps you to breathe better. It has positive effects as it protects lungs from pollutants, irritants, infectious agents that fly freely in the air such as dust, viruses, exhaust and cigarette smoke. It also prevents infection and mucus inflammation. Spicy food can also lower rick of asthma, lungs diseases, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Spicy food can also be used to fight fat. Research has proven that adding chilli pepper on fatty food can lower trygliceride and insulin levels in the blood. It certainly gives positive impact to the health. However, of course chilli is added at controlled amount. It only required 2 teaspoons of the herbs in each serving to obtain the positive benefit.
Preventive Use of Spicy Food
Adding 1-2 teaspoons of chilli powder into your meal regularly may help improving your health. It may not give immidiate impact into your health, but you can be sure that the spiciness is not the only thing that you feel in your body. Spicy food can also be used as part of your cancer prevention solution. Although it only has small effect on preventing cancer cells from growing, spicy food has proven to be good component in fighting cancer, especially for those who love to eat barbeque or grilled meat. As you may have known, cooking meat by grilling and barbeque creates heterocyclic amines, a type of toxic which is said to cause several types of cancer, from rectal, intestinal, to breast cancer. Apparently, adding chilli pepper or other spicy herbs into marinating seasonings can prevent meat from forming heterocyclic amines. This way, you can enjoy your barbeque in a healthier way. It only takes 2-3 tablespoons of chilli pepper or any amount that you feel like to add into the marinate mixture. It certainly can help you to protect yourself from getting this deadly disease.

Sushi, Japanese Food You must know

Sushi, Japanese Food You must know
Sushi has been very popular all over the world. This raw fish dish is always served in any Japanese restaurant around the world and has been modified in so many Japanese cuisine menu. For food and culinary lovers, it is a must to more about this Japanese signature dish.
Sushi shop – what to know
Sushi restaurant or sushi shop, which in some country is also known as sushi bar for it displays the menu in the bar-like table, is pretty different from any other restaurant even if it is compared to other Asian restaurant. The concept of sushi shop is developed since Edomae-zsuhi, an old sushi shop in Tokyo introduced it. Edomae-zushi is sushi shop which has been opened since the Edo era in around the year of 1868. If you come to sushi shop, especially Edomae-zushi, you will be welcomed with “Irasshai, iras-shai!!” the greetings from the itamae-san, the chef, and his assistance. Yes, almost all sushi chef are men, because man hands has lower temperature than woman’s that can keep the quality of the raw fish.
You will also find that the shop is decorated in very unique Japanese style. You can see the chef prepare your meal in front of the table-like bar where you sit in front of. Other things you have to notice, in sushi shop the customers are not offered a detail menu, the sushi shop provides color charts that show the quality of the fish you want to eat. However, today most of sushi shop display their menu with pictures and the name of the sushi to make the foreigners easier. Other thing you have to know if you go to a good sushi shop is that they usually do not display any price list. The price can be changed anytime because they give a price based on the fish quality and the quality of the fish can be different any time. For food and culinary tips, you can ask the chef assistant if you don’t know how to order and want to know the price.
How to eat sushi?
Basically there are two ways of eating sushi, with your bare hand and with a pair of chop stick. If you eat nigiri-sushi, sushi which has a rolled rice and fish topping, you have to put the sushi into your mouth in one time. First you have to take your nigiri-sushi with your thumb, middle finger, and index finger and then pull it over. And then dip the topping into the soy sauce, do not dip the rice into the soy sauce, it will make the rice fall apart besides the rice will absorbs too much soy sauce. The last step you have to place the sushi in the mouth with the topping touch your tongue first.
If you want to use a chopstick to eat the sushi, you have to place to place chopstick in the hollow between the thumb and index finger, then support it with your ring finger. And then pick the sushi, the chopsticks have to touch the topping first, gently so the rice won’t fall apart. Then you can dip the topping into the soy sauce and put the sushi into your mouth. Are you a food and culinary lovers? You must try to eat sushi right.

The Exotic Food of Thailand

The Exotic Food of Thailand
Of all the entertainment and delicacies that the Thai cities offer, you can never miss the daring fried insects street snacks in Bangkok. These insects are fried and served like crispy fritters, in what appears like a stationary rampage. Imagine that. There you go. A massive amount of insects put in different trays with feet up and crawling positions, all presented under the glowing yellow light. However, there is a reason why these insects are sold, other than the strange qualities they possess. They are unexpectedly highly nutritious!
The grasshoppers that stops hopping
The typical style of serving these un-hopping grasshoppers is by seasoning the already fried bunch with chilli powder. The texture resembles that of the crickets. It has many long thin legs which makes it a crispy snack all along. The skin of the grasshoppers is also thin, so it is another crunchy bite after finishing all the legs. The family of grasshoppers and crickets is said to be a rich source of protein. That is why they taste so good, just like proteins are like when cooked. Once you are used to the crispiness the tasty seasoning the vendor gives you, it is certain that you will crave for this grasshoppers again.
A tarantula and scorpion for your health
This super scary snack can be found in Ubon, Thailand. It is said to be a natural medicine for men’s vital health. With the size of a palm, one tarantula is probably an enough experience of a lifetime. Shut your eyes while taking off the legs or sting. It can be a real “painful” view. Some say that there is a certain technique to eating a tarantula, including how you pull its legs. The correct method will leave a clean body. If you pull them out wrongly, a kind of pus can flow out of the “injured” abdomen, which can ruin its appearance. The pus is the source of the real flavor of the insect. It tastes sweet, soft, and melting, with a little hint of crunchiness. You can imagine the taste of a fried small crab, in which the middle part, when bit, tastes juicy and sweet, with crunchy soft shell. The Thai street vendors usually coat these arachnids in thick sweet sauce
The friendly worms
One of the less extreme among all is the bamboo worms, or rod duan. They are flabby and mushy in form, and coated with a special secret Thai sauce, their glistening fat body can be tempting even for the cowardly tourists. When you pop one warm inside your moth, be ready to taste an array of flavors and textures. From mild crunchiness, up to soft and juicy insides, with a taste similar to a real fat shrimps, you will look forward to the next bites. The flavor that the street vendor adds infuse your toungue with a caramel-like sweetness, a hint of spicy chilli powder, and sometimes a fresh hint of lime leaves. Since it is a very rich source of protein, those with allergy to seafoods should be extra carefull to the reaction this worm can have on your body. Be sure you carry your allergy-preventing medicine. Good luck!

Cool Treat: Ice Creams From All Over The World

Cool Treat, Ice Creams From All Over The World
Ice cream is a treat like no other. Its sweet flavor, cold sensation, and crispy crisp fillings and cones justify it to be eaten for any occasion. Be it a hot summer noon, a breezy evening, or even a cold rainy season, ice cream can never go wrong!
The Japanese Matcha Ice Cream
When we talk about Japan and its specialty, we can never leave its signature green tea drinks. Of all the flavorful green teas that Japan can offer, one of the most famous is the Matcha greentea. Matcha is a grinded-to-powder greentea that is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. When we drink matcha, we drink not only the brewed leaf. We drink everything because the powder itself is the tea leaves. Therefore, matcha is good for health as it is rich in minerals and antioxidants. Its integration into different kinds of snacks include ice cream as one of them. The natural sweetness from the matcha tea matches well with the softness of the creamy ice cream. The matcha ice cream can take its original creamy form or combined with the famous mochi ball. The sticky-chewy outside texture and creamy-soft inside can never bore you!
The Italian Gelato
Take note that gelato is not like any other ice cream you have ever tasted. Its thick and sticky texture is a rich source of flavor in its every scoop. The thickness results from the generous amount of milk that the gelato uses. Moreover, it uses no air at all, unlike other ice creams do in increasing its quantity. The dense texture of milk, compared to that of cream, makes gelato feels heavier and milkier than any other ice cream. It also enables gelato to stick together even in warmer temperature compared to usual serving temperature of other ice cream. Another good news is, because of the lesser amount of cream, gelato contains less than 10% of butterfat, which makes it a guilt-free pleasure! Although gelato appears to be heavier than the usual ice cream, it melts more easily in the mouth. Imagine that creamy flavor in your mouth, with many toppings and natural fresh fruit taste. Yummy!
Turkey’s Dondurma
While many thinks that ice cream is all creamy and runny, Dondurma has a feature you can never imagine; stretchy. Its stretchiness is obtained by the mixture of salep, a starchy form of dried orchids, and mastic, a kind of resin that is made from the bark of a Mediterranean tree. The process of making resembles that of bread dough. It can be found around street conrners sold by street vendors in Turkey.
Alaskan Akutaq
Ice cream in Alaska is a proof that ice cream is an all-season treat. In an area as cold as Alaska, ice cream is still a favorite thang. Akutaq is another name for the Eskimo ice cream. It is actually considered a “dish” in which people take animals’ fat, whip it, and mix it with the indigenous berries. It can also be mixed with fish such as salmon and caribou, seal oil, and sugar (optional). A fatty, meaty ice cream indeed.

How The Beef Rules South East Asia

How The Beef Rules South East Asia
South East Asia is famous for its wide array of richly flavored cuisines. Being a specialty in herbs and spices, this region is able to serve you with many different ways of cooking one single ingredient. This time, we will look at the best of the bests South East Asian culinary highlights on beef-based cuisines.
The Traditional Burmese Meal
Burma or Myanmar, is a country that is neighbored by many such as Thailand, Laos, China, India, and Bangladesh. Thus, the culture is very much influenced with that of the neighbors. You can find Indian fusioned food such as chapati and samusa or the Indian samosa. Chinese cuisine introduces bean curds, stir-fried noodles, and chopstick uses. Of all these influences, one of the most prominent is the Indian full-of-herbs curry. Beef (or other meat) curry becomes the center of the meal. The curry is less heavy in herbs than the Indian one. It uses more garlic and ginger, with plenty of oil. The traditional Burmese meal includes steamed rice with this meat curry and many side dishes called hin. There are also various dip sauce namely ngapi ye (runny fishy sauce), balachaung (dry, spicy mix of chillies, garlic, and deep fried shrimp), and many others.
Pho: Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
This famous soup is made from home-made beef broth, sliced beef, bean sprouts, wide rice noodles called bánh pho, and some basic herbs and spices such as garlic, scallions, celery, cilantro leaves, Thai basil, star anise, ginger, coriander seed, and chilli. Another way to add to the taste is by adding Hoisin sauce and fish sauce The fresh taste of the soup enables it to be eaten at any time of the day. Usually, Vietnamese eat pho for breakfast, and most notably at lunch. You can easily find this nourishing beef noodle soup in small stals or mobile street vendors. There is a slight difference between the Northern pho and Southern one. Northern pho uses much more green onion and a larger-sized noodle while Southern pho is usually more spicy. This noodle soup also has a similar form in Thai called the Gwaytio Nuea Nam.
Spicy Thai Beef Salad (Laab Neua)
This is just the appetizer you might be looking for. Grilled sirloin slices up to your liking of wellness and chopped beef, mixed with a bed of fresh Romaine lettuce, beans, and spinach, and garnished with herbs is just the perfect healthy appetizer that satisfies. The special Thai dressing uses Thai fish sauce and chilli peppers (prik kee noo).
The Rich Indonesian Rendang Padang
A well-known dish from West Sumatra, rendang can now easily be found in many Padang restaurants all over Indonesia. Its sticky-wet texture, dark color, and richly flavored herbs mix has been a favorite by people inside and outside Indonesia. The richness of the herbs make it not only suitable for beef, but also other ingredient such as jackfruit, chicken, duck, fish, and many other. Rendang was previously served in parties to honor guests and celebrate good days. It is cooked for hours to tenderness with karambia (coconut milk), garlic, shallot, chilli, ginger, galangal, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, and still many other. Because of the natural preservative herbs, rendang can last up to 4 weeks, chilled or not.

Finger-Licking Tasty French Finger Food

Finger-Licking Tasty French Finger Food
French people are often known as socialites, and are fond of gatherings. Interestingly, one of the most famous cuisines that is served is the finger food, or canapés as they call it. Served with drinks, canapés are often served in small family and friends gathering, and even in fancy coctail parties. Why is this canapés such a famous dish in French culture? Let’s take a look into the history of these French finger-food.
History of the canapés
Eversince the 1780s, French people have been known to serve their most famous baguette, or French bread, in the manner of cutting it into thin slices, and then adding different kinds of delicious toppings. The bread can be toasted or fried, before and after the addition of toppings. This small bread enjoyment is called canapé. Canapé in French has an actual meaning of a sofa. So when applied to dishes, it means that toppings literally “sit” on the bread as if the bread is somekind of a couch. Canapé in terms of cullinary culture also represents a finger food that is served while people are sitting comfortably in sofas. Since it is rather difficult to serve a meal without a table, finger food is the best choice to relieve the hunger.
The American laws of Prohibition
The history of canapés continues to the year of 1920, when France was affected by the American laws of Prohibition, in which people were not allowed to have any alcoholic intake. As a result, the French started to sneakily create underground bars for social gatherings which include drinking alcohols. They can’t get rid of it! However, they need to take precautions of not risking the drinkers to get too drunk and then be charged while walking home. One way was to serve canapés throughout the night. It allows people to take in less alcohol and alternate between eating, drinking, and socializing. The small size of the canapés is practical as you can carry them around, and pop them into your mouth whenever you want.
Canapés continue to thrive along the century and has now became a culture of many outside France. Now the term canapé is widely associated with delicate bites of any forms and kinds in parties. Canapés are now known as “passed hors d’oeuvres” or appetizers that are served outside the list of served courses.
Types of Canapés
Back then, canapés are basically French bread with toppings. Nowadays, it has grown a lot more into different forms and tastes. What remains is the concept of food that is light and small enough for a bite size. There are various options such as stuffing mushrooms with cheese, shredded chicken, small-cut vegetables and many more. You can also serve the American style canapé, that is the Buffalo chicken wings. The name is taken from the Buffalo area in New York, where the wings were first served in 1964 by Teressa Bellissimo. Other wide options of canapé include tartlettes, macarons, stuffed bacons, skewers, rissoles, crepes, mini sandwiches, mini croissants, mini burgers, mini quiches, mini pizzas, and many other mini things!

Best food for Breakfast

Best food for Breakfast

Best food for Breakfast

Morning is your time to prepare your energy for the daily activity. Therefore having breakfast becomes the most important energy stock for you. Many people are rush in the morning and they are skipping their breakfast and do these similar thing for their next energy, lunch break, that will give them two meals time for same time. However, healthy morning meals is become the most important stage for your day energy. The best thing that you need to remain from your breakfast is combination from good carbohydrate and high fiber food is the best food intake you need to allow. Here are foods recommendations that you need to consume in your hurry breakfast.

Best food for Breakfast1

Best food for Breakfast1

Healthy hurry Breakfast
When you are having hurry time to go to your office, it is time for preparing healthy and fast serve food that will give you energy for your activity. The first recommendation food for your breakfast is takes some berries in your cereal or oatmeal. Oatmeal that have complex carbohydrate and high fiber will make you full enough and berries give you low calories but rich in vitamin and mineral contain that use for antioxidant and nutrient that improved for cancer and heart disease preventing. Cold cereal is the next food that recommended for your boost energy breakfast meal. Check for your cereal and check that there are whole grains made and have low sugar in the nutrition serving. Egg is protein source and eaten egg in your breakfast will make you able to have full in the morning and get supply for nutrients that make you able to energize you. nonton film online Make your sandwich with peanut butter and whole grains breads. Whole grain breads are better for fiber source and nutrient come with refined white bread made. This bread has lower risk for chronic disease and diabetes. You can choose for English muffin or toast it. For your fat intake take good source fat that come from monounsaturated fat such as peanut butter. Peanut butter will help you to lower the blood sugar level or cholesterol in the blood. This also the foods that become the protein food source and make you feel satisfied when you are eating for your morning meals.
Breakfast drink
For your drinking, take green tea that contain with antioxidant that will prevent your cell damage and this has less caffeine intake in the body. Take smoothies for your breakfast also makes you start your day with delicious dairy product consume. Take for fruits and vegetable serving with plain yogurt and then you also available to add flax seed if you want. Take yogurt is best choice when you are combining your healthy breakfast meals with dairy product. This is protein and calcium source that will benefit for your bone. Great combination from health and nutrition food makes you able to do your activity and ensure that you are able to get enough nutrition for your daily nutrition. With right breakfast intake, you are able to do more with your energy and boost your activity.

Best food for Breakfast2

Best food for Breakfast2