What You Can Make With your Microwave

21. What You Can Make With your Microwave
Most people are using microwave for heat and leftover, but there are good news that you can make your favorite food that easy to make and quick for you who are busy people. It can be use for creating meals equal with your standard oven. You can make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert from this microwave oven in quickly. With this microwave, you also able to have better nutrition because when you make food from this microwave, this give you quick time to serve that means your vegetable and fruit is shorter to heat and the nutrition is keeping.
Healthy Nutritional Breakfast
Give your family with healthy nutritional breakfast with buckwheat and strawberry grout. This food contains protein and great option for substitute your bored oatmeal in the morning. Mixed the ingredient such as flax, applesauce, oats, and fiber rich buckwheat and then heat in microwave until it cook done. Are you a vegetarian? Make this vegan muffin in the morning for your breakfast. Mixed fresh berries with coconut oil and then put in a bowl. You can add tomatoes and other vegetables and taste the soft textures in the muffin. Do you often serve poached egg for your family? Microwave just makes it simpler and easy. Just prepare microwave safe bowl, add hot water, salt and vinegar. Then crack the egg, and put it in microwave.
Make Lunch and dinner with Microwave
Salmon fish is not only delicious but also healthy and tasty. Put salmon fish fillet in the microwave safe bowl, and then put mayonnaise to the meal. Heat the fish for 15 minutes and pickles with green vegetables and herbs to add taste. If you love to have vegetables in your menu, the steamed vegetables recommended for you. No need steamer to make, just prepare microwave bowl with cover. With microwave cooking vegetables, the nutrient s better retain because the time to cook shortened. For you who want to cook chicken fajitas recipe, prepare chicken and mixed with onions, pepper, and wrapped with tortillas and cheese and put in microwave before you eat.
Dinner Recipe
Make your chocolate chip cake in a mug. Prepare quarter cup of spelt flour, you also able to use all purpose flour, and the add ¼ teaspoon of baking powder, baking soda and salt each in 1/8 teaspoon, 1.5 tablespoon sugar, a pinch of stevia or you can substitute with one tablespoon sugar. Mix all ingredients. After that put wet dry such as ¼ cup apple sauce, 1 ½ tablespoon milk, ½ tablespoon oil, ¼ tablespoon vanilla extract, and 2 tablespoon chocolate chip. Mix the ingredients until well and then put into a mug. Cook for 1minutes 20 second. This recipe is able for two little mug cupcake. For night snack, that high fibre, get healthy oatmeal cookies that made from egg whites, applesauce, chocolate chip, and whole-wheat flour. The recipe is simple, just as you make ordinary cookie and you will have snack that have less than 100 calories in night.

Mother Sauce Recipe

20. Mother Sauce Recipe
Prepare sauces for your daily dishes. Sauce is able for every condition and cooking. It is elevate meal and it is easy for people to put a pinch and mix with vegetable and any protein such as fish salmon, tuna and other. judi online Learn how you can make basic sauces that you need to have in your dinner table.
Béchamel sauce (white sauce)
This French sauce becomes one of the leading sauces of mother sauces. It has smooth texture that make this sauce suit for thicken sauce and bind to huge selection of dishes and all purpose for food coat. Béchamel sauce is able to use in lasagna, casserole vegetable, and for any meal with cheese based. This is the simplest sauce because it does not need stock. You just need to prepare milk, flour, and butter to prepare basic béchamel sauce. Thicken the hit milk with white roux, and then flavored with cloves, onion, nutmeg and simmer the sauce until it become cream and smooth. The béchamel sauce variation such as mustard sauce, crème sauce, cheddar cheese sauce can be your choice for dinner.
Veloute Sauce
This is another simple recipe of mother sauce. This sauce made from thickens white stocks that combines with roux and simmer for while. The sauce is come from the basic ingredient that made for the sauce such as veal veloute and fish veloute. The veloute sauce itself then become the secondary mother sauces recipes when it is added with other ingredient such as chicken veloute that fortified with cream is form to be supreme sauce. Veal veloute sauce that thickens with egg yolk liaison and cream combination becomes into allemende sauce. Fish veloute that added with combination of white wine and cream becomes form into white wine sauce.
Espagnole (brown sauce) and Hollandaise sauce
Espagnole sauce called with brown sauce. It is more complex than previous sauce recipe before. It made by thickening brown stock that made from roasted bones with tomato puree. It has rich and colorful sauce. Holandaise sauce is butter cream sauce that made from clarified butter and egg yolk. This buttery sauce made by whisking the clarified butter slowly with egg yolk. The clarified butter help the emulsion in the sauce keep stable.
The Tomato sauce
The last but not least is tomato sauce. This is the classic tomato sauce that most popular in every kitchen in any house. This mother tomato sauce is more flavors and get complex step rather than you use for pasta. First is rendering salt pork and sauté the aromatic vegetables. Add tomatoes, the stock, ham bone, and then simmer in an oven. When you have learned about this mother sauce, now you are able to put other ingredient and create your favorite sauce in your kitchen. You can make other sauce such as garlic sauce, marinara sauce and many more. adding sauce in your table will add more flavor and give you more ideas to prepare meal for you.

Yogyakarta Royal Food Restaurant

19. Yogyakarta Royal Food Restaurant
When you visit Yogyakarta, do not forget to explore the culinary food in Yogyakarta. There are much interesting food and culinary food that you will pleasure for the taste and for the popularity such as Gudeg, Bakpia, and many more. judi bola If you want to have experience with the royal food that usually served for king of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono, here is the recommendation place for you. Now public people are able to taste the culinary food that Sri Sultan and family eat in restaurant that called with “Bale Raos”. In this restaurant, the Yogyakarta royal culinary is able to serves and enjoyed by public people. They serve traditional drinks and vary of dishes that come from the Yogyakarta kingdom secret recipe. The menu served is favorite dishes from the king and family.
Traditional drinks
The traditional drinks that served and favorite of the Yogyakarta king are Javanese beer, wedang uwuh, and wedang sereh. Different with beer in generally, the Javanese beer made from herbs. This drink made from cinnamon stalk, leave of nutmeg, leave of clove, clove stalk, ginger, and rock sugar. This entire ingredient then boiled until the water become red, and then the water filtered. After the water is cool, mixed with rock ice and then shake with shaker. When the beer poured to the glass, the beer is ready with foam such as beer with alcohol in commonly. The next is wedang uwuh. Wedang uwuh also called with trash drink. This wedang trash called because the ingredient made from leaves that fall from tree. They pick the leaves that fall from tree because the leaves that still on the tree usually still have bitter taste and still green. The leaves that contains in the drink are; cinnamon leaves, ginger, nutmeg leaves, secang tree, cloves leaves and lump sugar. To make this drink, just burn the ginger with low fire and then crush ginger in two. Boil water, then put all ingredients to water, and wait for 15 minutes until the water becomes red. It taste sweetest and warm your body, perfect to drink in the night.
Heritage Food
The traditional royal Yogyakarta palace meals that becomes favorites for Sultan’s lunch is glendoh. Glendoh is squab that cooked such as Thanksgiving turkey made. Squab that filled with beef mince and then add with thick coconut oil. The squab then wrapped with leaves and then steamed with traditional pan. After it coked, the squab is stickled such as sate and then burn. When it is burn, it is poured with thick coconut milk that makes the sate more delicious and tasty. The other meal that Sultan loves to eat for lunch is oxtongue, sate gendon, betutu chicken, dendeng age, and untup-untup. The last untup-untup is vegetables salad that made from vegetables and then cooked with onion, garlic, galangal, red chili, sugar and coconut milk. If you are interested to taste the meals of sultan favorite, do not forget to visit restaurant that served this meal. Taste the traditional recipe from Javanese heritage and feel the sensation of Javanese grandee.

How to cook Al Dente Pasta

18. How to cook Al Dente Pasta
Pasta is Italian food that easy to make and simple. You can add this pasta to any other food such as for casseroles, stews, soups, or salads. However, you also can serve it by their self with sauce. If you do not know for the rule of Al Dente, you will meet with pasta that not favored such as you eat in restaurant. Pasta made from different characteristic and each of them has different technique. They have different time to cook and have their right combination sauce. Therefore, you need to know how to cook pasta well when you cook with sauce consider for the type, pasta shape, and flavor of pasta you will make.
Basic types of Pasta
The basic types of pasta are dried pasta and fresh pasta. Dried pasta is factory made and it packaged dried. This pasta can be stored in refrigerator and when you cook this, this will need longer time rather than you cook fresh pasta. Dried pasta has firm texture, therefore when you cook this pasta, you need to cook with thick sauces and consider for sauces that contain meat and vegetables. The fresh pasta contains egg and much water. The eggs add flavor, brighten the pasta color, and give more nutritional value. Fresh pasta made daily and you can find in refrigerated and frozen. For refrigerated pasta, you need to buy at 3 or 4 day when you buy it, and for the frozen maximum is two month. Fresh pasta work well with lighter and simple sauces such as tomato sauces cream and simple sauces that made from oil, butter and herbs.
Type of Sauces pasta
The first thing that you need to know before you start coking pasta that you need to know for the pasta types and matches sauces for pasta. There are over 500 pasta types in around the world, and this become the most popular food in the world today. When you buy pasta in market, you will find for fresh pasta, dry pasta or frozen pasta. Work recipe and with your pasta to find the matches sauces for your pasta. Long pasta such as spaghetti, linguine, and tagliatelle is best when you combine with olive oil sauces that coat the pasta completely without drowning the pasta. For thicker pasta strands, such as fettuccini and tagliatelle you can choose sauces cream and ragus sauces that also popular with bolognaise. The shaped pasta such as fussili(twist) and conchigle(shells) is work well with all sauces. For short and tubular pasta such as rigatoni, cavatappi, and penne you need to make pasta sauces that thick and chunky.
Simple steps to cook pasta
Use large and tall pot with water and boil with high heat. When the water boiled, add salts and wait until the salt dissolved to put pasta into the water. Stir water in frequently and for at least 2 minutes, until the cooking process end. Do not forget to taste the pasta before you draining the pasta. When the pasta is al dente, the pasta is taste resistance with your bite or when you cut it with your fork.

5 Kinds of Popular Japanese Food

17. 5 Kinds of Popular Japanese Food
There are so many kinds of Japanese food being famous for its delicacy in all over the world. The food is not only delicious on the tongue but it contains high nutrition and can give nutrition to body and brain. From many kinds of food, here are six kinds of popular Japanese food. sbobet
Have you ever eaten onigiri? This food absolutely becomes familiar to those people liking reading manga or watching anime. This food is being the most favorite food brought by students and officers. The taste of onigiri is quite tasty so that many people love it. In addition, making process of onigiri is categorized to be an easy level. You only fill rice with some desire ingredients and form it to be triangle. Onigiri is ready to bite and taste. There are some kinds of chosen filling. It includes plum fruit, fish eggs, or fried salmon. Onigiri is possible to eat directly but you may add sauce to enjoy it.
Do not get hesitated anymore to the sushi. It becomes the most popular Japanese food. It has been claimed to be the most luscious food. Even, it belongs to the list of the most delicious world’s food. This is because sushi does not only have tasty taste but it contains high nutrition that is able to give brain and all body parts nutrition. It is actually a simple cooking food kind in which it is made of fresh ingredients. Fresh salmon is the main ingredient sliced very thin and placed on the rice. It is mostly served with typical sauce and eaten at once swallow.
Ramen is typical Japanese noodle that the delicacy is being famous for all over the world. Even, it has been well known to be the most happening food in Japan. Ramen shops usually become a crowded hanging place to eat that noodle. It is very close to the Japanese situation and features. This food is served in a big bowl with typical dressing. Some topping kinds complete the perfection of Ramen including boiled eggs, vegetables and fishes. This is pleasant to enjoy at nigh.
One more popular Japanese food is called Takoyaki. It is the most famous street food in Japan. Most of sellers in festivals and concerts in Japan sell this food. You can find it easily. Takoyaki with its typical cart will tease visitors to buy it. It is made of squid that is formed to be shape of meatball and then baked or grilled. In the outside shape of Takoyaki, it looks like crispy and crunchy. Meanwhile, it seems to be soft and juicy full of taste in it. It is a really tasty Japanese food.
Tonkatsu seems to be royal food because of the taste and delicacy. Generally, the food is made of pig meat fried to be brown in color and look so crunchy and teasing. But, it is mostly made of beef and the taste is still delicious and delightful. After frying, Tonkatsu is ready to serve with grating of plum, radish, pickles and typical sauce making it so perfectly luscious. It is possible to consume with curry rice so that it can spoil your tongue.

Some Interesting Things about Milk

16. Some Interesting Things about Milk
Naturally, milk is the process of dairy products from mammal animals used to be extra food. It is safe and healthy to keep the body health because it does not be decreased and added some other substances. To be drinks, it contains high nutrition containing some chemical substances needed by the body like calcium, vitamin A, B, high riboflavin and phosphor. Those compositions are easy to digest by the body. sbobet
Dairy Products of Milk
There are some kinds of milk dairy products that should be known. The products are from processed milk to be several types of milk.
Skim Milk and Whole Milk
Skim milk is fresh milk left after cream was taken all of it. The milk contains all nutrition types needed to body except fat and vitamin dissolved in fat. Meanwhile, whole milk is popularly known to be full cream. It is a part of milk that is rich of fats appearing on the top of milk when it is let and separated with centrifugal system.
Condensed Milk and Evaporated Milk
Generally, condensed milk means that it is got sweet in the form of heavy liquid. The color of this milk is white and yellow or depending the aroma added in the milk. Otherwise, evaporated milk is another type of milk. The making process of milk is almost similar to condensed milk. It only takes few changes in which it is not added sucrose.
Sterile Milk
Sterile milk is dairy milk product produced by sterilizing milk at the temperature level less than 100 degree Celsius for sufficient time to reach commercial sterile condition. It is also packaged hermetic, a process of preventing damaged products, in the long time.
Powder Milk
Another milk type is called milk powder. This is one of processed milk products having white yellow color and typical aroma. It is got from losing a half of water from milk with the way of getting dried. It is commonly through a process of atomization. It is made of the continuing process from evaporation with water level decreased until below 5 percent.
Ultra High Temperature Milk
Ultra high temperature milk is often abbreviated UHT milk. This dairy milk product is made of sterilizing milk at the temperature of 135 degree Celsius for two seconds. Then, it is immediately packaged in sterile package aseptically. It has been sold in the public with various types and brands.
Ice Cream
Ice cream belongs to processed milk. It is added milk fat or plant fat. It is possible to add butter and cream for the extra mixture. Do not forget to put sugar and flavor to make it taste delicious.
Cheese is a kind of dairy milk product having a compact form with the way of combining milk, cream, skim milk, milk components and enzyme. You should not add any spicy or permitted extra food in making ice cream.
Benefits of Milk
Because it contains some nutrition types, milk cannot be doubtful anymore that it offers many benefits for body health. It is able to prevent osteoporosis and keep the bones stay stronger. For kids, it has function to maintain the growth of bones making them taller. It is great to decrease blood pressure. Milk is able to reduce acid level in the mouth, stimulate enzyme and prevent toothache. Consuming milk is beneficial to neutralize toxin and prevent the cancer in the body. In addition, it is useful to avoid diabetes type 2. For those who want to look beautiful, it can beautify skin and make it stay healthy

Several Benefits and Types of Cheese

15. Several Benefits and Types of Cheese
Cheese is made of milk, both cow and goat milk. It comes from Eastern area exactly in the area of Iraq and Syria. It was found intuitively. Milk keeps for longer time in bags changing to be pale and white hanks. It is recently known to be cheese. To know closer about cheese, here are a discussion of benefits and types of the cheese.
The Content of Cheese
Cheese becomes one of favorite food types. It can be combined directly, to be topping for meals and mixed by the other meals. It contains much nutrition that is almost same as the nutrition content of milk. In a pound of cheese, it saves same nutrition as a gallon of milk. Here are some contents of cheese.
Cheese contains fairly high protein. Even, you consume it for 100 gram so it is able to meet 25 percent of the protein need of the body. In addition, cheese contains complete amino acid so that it takes a role in protein synthesis to build muscle cells, body metabolism, and bones.
Mineral contained in cheese includes calcium, zinc, and phosphor. The content of calcium in every piece of cheese is not same. It depends on the process of agglutination in cheese. It needs the use of enzyme having the higher calcium content than cheese being agglutinated by using acid.
Vitamin and Lactose
Cheese also contains some kinds of vitamin like vitamin A, D, B1, B2, B6 and B12. It also save lactose in cheese that is only 4.5 to 7.5 percent.
Types of Cheese
There are some kinds of cheese to know. It contains purposes and use in the case of making meal tasty. Here are three general cheese types to know.
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar cheese is being a common cheese type in culinary. The name is taken from a certain place of the cheese made. It is in Cheddar village, England. It is very popular in the world because it is commonly used to make cake, bread and extra food for having breakfast.
Mozzarella Cheese
This cheese is often met and used to cook. It comes from Italy. It is named by Mozzarella because the making process of cheese is spun round and cut. The texture of this cheese is soft and easy to form. But, there is also a kind of compact cheese having white or yellow color. It is mostly used to be topping of pizza, baked pasta, macaroni schotel and many baked food types. It is because it is easily melted and creates a delightful taste.
Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan cheese is from Parma, Italy. It is sold in various shapes and usually in the form of compact. But, there are the other kinds of cheese in powder and grated form. The texture is fairly strong and compact because the making process is longer and even years. It has strong aroma. It is mostly used to be sprinkle of pasta, pizza, spaghetti, and macaroni.
Benefits of Cheese
In addition to be delicious, cheese also has some benefits for the health. Here are some advantages of consuming cheese daily.
Eye Health and Growth of Bones and Teeth
Cheese contains many vitamins A that are good for the eye health. Moreover, vitamin contained in cheese helps to keep skin health and protection from infection. Calcium is important mineral for body health. It includes helping body metabolism, connection to nerve system, heart performance and muscling movements. The cheese contains sufficient calcium to maintain the growth of bones and teeth.
Muscle Cell Builder
Cheese also contains high protein and complete amino acid. It takes a role in protein synthesis to build muscle cells, body metabolism and bone growth.
Making Sleeping Soundly
Consuming sufficient cheese is making sleeping quality time better because it contains tryptophan. The tryptophan has been proved that is able to decrease stress and nerve stabilization. It is also helpful to stop thinking negatively. It means that consuming cheese before sleeping makes you easy to sleep.

5 Unpredictable Food Kinds Making You Slimming

14. 5 Unpredictable Food Kinds Making You Slimming
For most of the people, losing weight is a difficult action to do. Even, it can make them depressed and frustrated. Running a diet program is not only doing exercises or well-arranged diet steps but it also needs the strong commitment. For food assumption, many nutritionists have recommended low fat food being the main choice to help weight loss to be stable. But, there are some kinds ofunpredictable food to lose weight. Here are five food types having positive effects for the efforts of weight loss.
Processed and sliced cheese is the right snack type and perfect to accompany you in a whole day. You can save small pieces of cheese easily in the bag or luggage. It is better to select low calorie cheese in which it does not contain carbohydrate. But, it is rich of protein so that you will feel saturated without consuming more calories. From the perspective side, sliced cheese contains calcium and vitamin A that are good to the body health. However, cheese contains high natrium so that it is inappropriate for those having low sodium diet program. To decrease the content of sodium in cheese, you can submerge it in the water before eating it.
Apple and Pear
The other unpredictable food types are apple and pear. Those are low calorie fruits that are rich of fibers. These fruits are able to help you feeling saturated and control your appetite. The high pectin level in apple even can help to get digestion slow and give saturation.
Pear contains 12 percent of vitamin C from every assumption per day. This fruit can help to keep the number of body fat percentage.
Peanut Jam
Peanut jam is rich of protein and fiber. Those contents are helpful to make you saturated and maintain it for longer time. Naturally, you will eat less when you eat peanut jam. It has been proved that people adding 500 calorie peanut jam routinely for diet program will eat less and increase body metabolism reaching 11 percent. But, you have to still get careful in the way of selecting peanut jam. Make sure that you have read nutrition facts and labels to convince you that it does not get extra sweetener.
Black Pepper
Black pepper contains compound content namely piperin. This is able to increase the excretion of energy and also helps to prevent the form of new fat cells. Before you start to give cooked food with black pepper, it is better to let you know that it is not tested to human yet. So, it needs the deeper study related to the influence of black pepper to the weight loss. It is still possible to add pepper in your meal to give sensation taste.
Popcorn actually contains fewer calories but it is rich of fiber helping you to get saturated. It also contains polyphenol being antioxidant to against disease. But, to prepare it, you should not add salt and butter in it. It is used to make it still healthy for the health. It is strongly recommended to select popcorn that is free of natrium, spicy and seasoning in order that it keeps your health. Those are some kinds of unpredictable food to consume for weight loss.

What To Eat When Dealing With Hangover

What To Eat When Dealing With Hangover
There’s nothing wrong from going to a nice party and letting yourself out occassionaly. Party means lots of booze. You can lose yourself and get yourself gulping down glasses of liquor. It won’t be a problem if you are free on the next day. However, it will be disastorous if you have to go to work on the next morning. The biggest problem would be keeping your head straight when you are suffering from strong hangover. The pounding headache that you have, seems to be a good reminder not to allows yourself to drink on the next days. However, there are some simple tips that you can practice to drink without any worries of getting hangover.
Food For Hangover Before Drinking
If you are invited to a party with days of reminder on the event, It gives you a chance to prepare your body in consuming liquor. At least, you can prepare yourself to tolerate alcohol on the liquor. You need to keep in mind that alcohol has stronger effect on empty stomach. Therefore, you must fill your stomach with some dinner. Or else, you will suffer from bad hangover on the next morning. In order to prevent you from getting hangover, you also need to be careful in chosing your diner. It’s recommended to have a complete meals with whole grains, eggs, and fresh vegetables. You can also have fish for your dinner. Let your stomach to process all these foods before you start drinking. If you don’t get the chance to have your full nutrition dinner, then you can have a handful of salty or spicy nuts followed with plenty of water. The purpose is actually to make you hydrated. Salty nuts will make you thirsty and then you will drink lots of water. If you are hydrated, you don’t need to worry of having awful hangover in the morning.
Food to Consume In The Morning
What if you already drank a lot last night and you start to feel the pounding headache kicks in? Well, of course eating those two things above won’t do any good to your hangover. You can use the old recipe of Japanese people. The Japanese are known for their heavy drinking habit at any day of the week, yet they are able to perform normally at the office on the next day. A bowl of warm miso soup in the morning is the secret. This soup can replace the liquid in your body. It keeps your body hydrated that will cast away the hangover effects immediately. It’s also easy to digest for your upset stomach. If you can find it, coconut water can also do a great help on you hangover. Only, it’s hard to find. It’s important to have a full course meal with lean protein such as chicken or lean meat, carbohydrate, and fresh vegetables. It’t time to have real food, instead of burger or pizza. Also, choose for savory food  as it can bring sodium back into your blood. Other advice, try to spend the day at your bed will do a big help.

Superstitions On Food

Superstitions On Food
It does sound weird and impossible, but there are some people who still keep their beliefs on food superstitions. In fact, the number can be surprising. It’s true that food is strongly related to cultural beliefs, but there are some of food superstitions that don’t have any relation to those beliefs. It only makes the superstitions sound even more hideous, yet there are still people believing it. So, what are these superstitions? It can be surprising as you might be one of those people believing it.
Weirdest Things About Food To Believe
Despite it’s only fictional imagination, it seems like many people still fail to separate fiction from reality. It’s proven with popular belief that garlic can work as protection against vampire. It’s certainly ridiculous as vampire itself doesn’t exist. It’s only part of fictional creation of many authors from last centuries. Garlic won’t cast away vampire, nor bad luck. However, it can help to protect your from mild illness, such as fever or flu. Salt can cast away bad luck. It’s said that you’ll get bad luck if you spill salt. In order to send away bad luck, you must throw salt pass your left shoulder. So, what is the connection of salt and bad luck? Of course, throwing salt pass your shoulder won’t do any help unless you try on your own to be careful and solve your problems. If you cut open a whole load of bread and find air bubble hole, it means someone will die soon. Well, bread dough naturally creates air bubble in the process. So, it’s only natural to find hole inside it when it’s done. Will you randomly belief on such thing with not solid basis? There are several superstitions about tea. It’s said that you must not pour milk into your tea before putting sugar into your tea, or else you won’t get married. So, what if you want milk with no sugar on your tea? Will you remain single all your life?
Food Superstitions That People Do
It’s only superstition, but it has become tradition with people continuing do it. For example, you can see at wedding. After the ceremony, guests will throw rice to the new couple. It’s believed the rice brings good luck for the couple. Apples dip into honey is believed to bring good hope of the upcoming year, at leas it’s what the Jews belief. This delicacy becomes a part of Rosh Hashanah tradition and it symbolizes good luck for the next year. Putting onions on your windows may prevent you from getting bad luck. It may sound ridiculous and unrelated, but there are still people tie down onions into long array of onions and hang it down by the doors and windows. Celebrating birthday with cake and candles is coming from the ancient Greeks tradition. It’s said that the candles can cast away bad spirits from the birthday person. So, do you have any superstitions related to food? Or maybe, you do something from the list above?